Keith’s Journal

Keith’s Journal

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Keith’s roosevelt ride

Ride 1: Roosevelt Island.

The ride in Roosevelt Island was really fun. But at the same time it was really hard, and the hard part was there were a lot of hills that we had to go up. The thing that I learned was that Roosevelt Island is a really small island and a quiet area. However the most fun thing was that there weren’t that many cars or any transportation vehicles even when we were in the street and we was just going at a high speed and the only time we stopped was when we took breaks. I also got nervous when we were going down the Roosevelt Island bridge because the cars were just speeding past us. And that’s how my 2nd adventure was at Roosevelt Island.


Keith Starlight Park

Ride Two: Starlight Park

My second trip in cyclopedia was really fun. I’m saying this because I went to a park in the Bronx that used to be an amusement park, then a garbage dump now it ‘s back to a regular park.The thing that I got nervous about was when there was two large hills that looked like the form of a camel’s back. Also the thing that I learned and noticed from where we landed was that it really didn’t look like a good/clean community because there was A LOT of garbage on the streets and there were a lot of wrecked houses, But once we got pass Starlight Park it looked like a nice community because all of the houses looked decent and MOST of the trash was in the trash can.


Keith Inwood Park

Ride 3: Inwood Park

My 3rd trip was really fun going to Inwood Park. I’m also saying this because it was a nice adventure, I also learned a new word with Cappy, Juleon and Emily. We also saw the Hudson River and the East River come together,we also saw a cave that someone lived in before but they died. Finally, this was the first time we went somewhere without going on any bridges and the new word was eureka which means when you see or learn something you didn’t know

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