Kayelah Brown’s Journal

Kayelah Brown’s Journal

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Kayelah East River

Ride 1: East River

This ride was fun i did it before but i liked that now i noticed things i never saw before. Like i never noticed so much Cormorants ( Go Mascot )                  

  The thing that were difficult were probably well the was a couple 

  • The stairs
  • The hill
  • And finally Sebastian but sometimes were cool

I learned about the ICAHN STADIUM and the fastest man who crossed it was Usain Bolt. He broke the world record


Kayelah Roosevelt island

Ride 2: Roosevelt Island

I know that they said to write one thing that like but i gotta say two 

The  first one is about when Dani told  me to take a jump picture it was fun and i fell and i was dirty i had to wash my legs.

The second one is that when we came back we saw a fish and we made a grave for it and put a cross

What i did’nt  like was….

  • Bridges
  • Food
  • Trying to stay with everybody

I  learned a lot about Hell’s Gate I don’t know the paciffics though ; ) 



 Ride 3: Starlight Park

Kayelah Star Light Park

Well I liked was when we went to the park it was falarious…that’s right falarious it’s a word i made up it means (FUNNY and HILARIOUS) okay so i gonna tell your a story but it’s a secret (DON’T TELL ANYONE.
Steven was going to the tunnel but they were two people getting busy in the for all you dumb people it MAKING OUT and they stop cause they saw Steven haha.

then something I didn’t like was when I was in the parka and made people were you know getting busy.

something i learned was that two kids drown in a lake or a river and now its a memorial

Sorry this wasn’t that long bye.


Ride 4: Inwood Hill Park

 Ok  so guys today was like crazy. Every-one was giving except me 😉 I’m just kidding. 

So something i liked was that when went to the Indian cave and everything was so funny. BTW There was a condom in the Indian cave haha and this old old man he was jogging and he sweating so hard and his face was just open like he was a zombie.

What i didn’t like was when i couldn’t shift me gears i was annoying  

What i learned was that Eureka means  i found it 

BTW we need a cacth phrase any seggestions 

Kayleah newtown creek

Ride 5: Newtown Creek

Today was okay

CAPPY was being mean and he said i cant eat my own food and my phone and kindle but i still ate gummy worms

What i like was when we were on the shore and TJ fell and that was fun nah it wasn’t but still

What i didn’t like was that TJ was annoying

I learned that the newtown creek was that it was really dirty


This might be my last day so

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Kayelah Brown

kayleah Staten Island

Ride 6: Staten Island

Hey so guess what last week wasn’t my last week after all. Today Cappy tricked me but whtevr. So today we went to snug harbor onto the secret garden maze and it was funny cause we were cheating and going through the bush. So today i’m gonna change it up I usually do something. I liked something I learned something I didn’t like but now i’m ust going to do something I’m going to miss is my bike my coworker on the rides. so thanks so much for reading my blogs thanks again <3 oxoxo :0 🙂 :p
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