2013.7.24 Junior Ride – Chili Ave./Erie Canal Loop

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  • Talaysia.smith

    my favorite thing today way when we went down the bridge with the water

  • Talaysia.smith

    my least favorite thing was when we went up the hill. i liked it because i got too go so so fast.

  • Mariame Kante

    the most thing that i liked was going down the hill and the least thing i like was my leg hurting when i was ridding.

  • Mariame Kante

    the most thing i liked was going down the hill. The least thing i liked was when my leg was hurting while riding the bike! most of all i like when we all were happy and having fun!

  • Ayden Grinion

    My favorite thing I liked was when we went down the hills. The thing I did not liked was when I kept falling of my bike. Something we mostly did was go up hill.

  • Reese Westbrook

    My favorite thing was going up and down hills. My least favorite thing was almost falling off my bike.I liked the ride because it was very long.

  • Keote Lawhorn

    My favorite thing was when I almost fell off my bike . I do not have a least favorite part. I liked the ride because we went down a whole bunch of hills.

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