Jewel’s Journal

Jewel’s Journal

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jewel east river

Ride 1: East River
cyclopedia is hard work but its all worth it.we road 7 miles today and it was awesome.there were a lot of challenges but we made it.hard work pays off.

one thing that was fun today was riding on the street it was amazing i felt like i had a wild side.if was a swell to go down without having to turn my gears.another thing that that was fun was when we went down the hill it was a breeze.

one thing that was hard was riding the 7 took really long to get there and back.the cyclopedia experts say it was about 2 hours but it felt like five.another thing that was hard was when we went up the hill i felt like if i stopped pedaling i would go rolling down the hill.its good thing the person who invented the bike made pedals or riding a bike would not be a pretty sight.

one thing i learned was to keep trying.because you might not always get it your first time but if you keep trying you will get the hang of was a long ride but everything paid off physically and mentally.

jewel roosevelt island


its my second week at cyclopedia and boy was it a day.we did so many thing thing and at first i had doubts but when i really stared to make a effort it went just fine.

one thing i learned was going up a bridge and does  takes effort and hard work. if it wasnt for all the encouragement i had i probably wouldnt have made im so thankful for everyone that supported me last week and today.teamwork really is the best.another i learned was you have to keep in the bike lane because its very dangerous and unsafe. although i loved riding in the street i really think keeping in the bike lane is the best thing for everyone.

one thing that was extremely hard for me today was going up the bridges i  must have stopped about 50 times because it took so much work and i got tired really quick.i mean it was fun going down but going up is not fun at all i think my group leaders felt the same as me.another thing that was extremely hard was fixing my gears before we even got to the fifth mile my gear broke but thank god another pedestrian stopped helped us people are really nice.

one thing that was fun today was that we went done a bunch of hills i was like all the wind was brushing to my face im glad i went up the hill cause it was fun to go down. another thing that was fun was watching people  cheer me on and cheering on people.

cyclopedia was extremely fun and i cant wait until next week.!!!!!!!!!!!

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