Jeremiah’s Journal

Jeremiah’s Journal

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When I was cycling with cyclopedia we got poor on it got so bad that our cameras caught water damage! when we were in the classroom we talk about how riding a bike is like walking and driving with out pollution. Riding a bike is like walking because you are pedaling and that involves leg and feet movement.  It is also like driving because you are staring bike so you can move different places. During the ride we stop when it was pouring to do some Tae Kwon Do. My knees were hurting because of all the hard work we were doing. When we were in the classroom we also did a geography lesson. In the beginning of the ride we took a lot of pictures. We went up some ramps and Katelynn almost got hit by and angry cab driver. We had lunch on some small grass where me and Katie did our hand shake. When we got to the water I had to go to the bathroom. The water sampler got stuck to the pier so Alberto has to go fetch out. We rode in a big puddle. we did a contest to see who can ride slower then Cappy in a hill. So at the end we tested the water that Alberto had to fetch it came back as postive for E. coli bacteria.

The hello sign was made out of wood and flowers. Some of the flowers looked old. We also went up bridges and very hard hills 😎. We also went by a lot of water so we were very cold. We also went to 3 islands in one day which is Manhattan, Randall’s , Roosevelt. We also went to the smallpox hospital. So then I took a lot of pictures. Then I saw Jude’s pedal fall off. I laughed at him 😂. So I took my hands off my handlebars and Stella, Jewel, and Katelynn freaked out.

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