How You Can Help

Nullary Care, Inc. is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.
We do business as our two flagship programs, Cyclopedia ( and Cada Paso (

Email if you’d like more info

If you prefer to pay with a check (to avoid fees) you can make it out to Nullary Care, Inc. (memo: Cyclopedia) and mail it to:
Cappy Collins
127 East 30th Street, #14A
NY, NY 10016

Wish List
Mountain Bicycles
Our East Harlem program is in desperate need of some decent bikes that won’t break down. For $200 you can secure a bike that can withstand the wear and tear of escorting a rider safely to the corners of the city under his or her own power.

Digital Cameras
For $60 you can buy a camera and rechargeable batteries for a rider to document his or her experiences, again and again and again

Sponsor a Rider
For $100 you can cover the costs of supporting one rider for an entire season: healthy snacks on the trips, bike repairs, t-shirt, wristbands to mark mileage achievements, web-hosting fees, and more!

No matter what you give you’ll be listed on our thank you page!