Gina’s Journal

Gina’s Journal

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East River Ride

July 14, 2015

It was really easy to get to the east river we only needed to ride along a few blocks and crossed a tiny bridge to get there. It was really easy because we only needed to ride across flat ground, which was also good because it’s hard for me to change gears. We road about 12 miles ,but it felt like 2. It was by far the most relaxing ride because on the other two we had to go on extremely long bridges.

Half way through the ride we took some water to test when we got back, and the string got stuck in between the rocks and Alberto had to go on the other side of the fence and take it out! Suddenly it started raining extremely hard, and we had to ride under a highway so we could stay dry, although all of us were so wet nothing would help. When we were there we did taekwondo under the highway and then started riding again.

Roosevelt Island Ride

On July 21, 2015 we went over the Ward’s Island Bridge and we saw the Hello statue. We took lots of pictures and looked at the solar power egg. We went up a really long ramp to get up the Triboro Bridge and it was a pain in the legs! I made it all the way, but I left half of my muscles on the ramp. We had to take our bikes down the stairs and then we were in Astoria.

We ate lunch at the same park where my Dad and I saw a movie together. Sheila and I sat on a bench under a tree so it was shady. Then it was really fun going down a spiral road to get to Roosevelt Island. When we got there I remember walking with my school and all the trees. When we got there, the Smallpox Hospital had a lot of plants growing inside and it looked really old and broken.

Then my nose was bleeding and it was horrible and really uncomfortable. The Queensboro didn’t seem that long compared to the Triboro Bridge.

Bronx River Ride

In the first part of the ride we went over a bridge to wards island and we cooked another solar power egg. As we were riding along a path we went over a bridge and found a plant that you could put in your water and it would become sour over time. At one point we took a break and I poured my sour water out because it got really warm and it tasted weird!

Eventually we got to the Bronx river park and we stopped to eat lunch. I looked at the water while eating and it was really clear. Before we continued on our trip Cappy showed us where fish ladder was and it was a ramp that samon can hop over the water fall to lay their eggs.

Shortly after we left the park we went in to a park to fill up our water bottles and I went in to the sprinklers and it felt so good.

Riding back was really easy and starlight was really pretty. I got a lot less headaches and we had a lot of water breaks.


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