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Extra Practice:
The day before our first official day of the summer season we took Calvin out on a trial ride over the pedestrian bridge to Ward’s Island. Great weather–our heat wave finally broke–but we worked up a sweat on the ramps. Calvin is a changed man compared to a week ago when he had never ridden a bike before; although he still had some trouble on the inclines he was cruising the island like a champ. We saw some sculpture installations, a native plant garden and the car and train bridges over Hell’s Gate. Looking forward to a great season!

This trip was on July 9, 2012
Trip distance: 3.5 miles
Programming time: 1.5 hours
Participants: Calvin Debrecourt

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Javon Langley, Onyx Salvador

2012 Learning Day 3

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  1. onyx1987 says:

    Calvin is looking like a pro !!

  2. calvin.debrecourt says:

    Got the most comments yea I’m a biker

  3. calvin.debrecourt says:

    Official Biker Young Based Biker still riding Big Homie

  4. calvin.debrecourt says:


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