Cyclopedia Rochester: Genesee Valley Park Past U of R Campus 7/21/14

Today’s ride took us through Genesee Valley Park. Taking the Genesee River trail on the west side of the river we crossed the foot bridge into the park. We then took the river trail on the east of the river past the University of Rochester before crossing back over to the other side of the river and returning to the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester.

Today’s ride: Genesee Valley Park Past U of R Campus

Trip distance: 3.5 miles

Trip time: 55 minutes

Participants: Jalen Manhertz (11), Lee’Andre Jones (9), Robert Upshaw (9), Chase Ward (10), Samiyah Howard (8), Amirr Frye (11), Jaquez Floyd, Shamirr Brooks (11), Sylvester Carter (11), Reggie Smith (9), Chase Ward (10)


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