2012 Erie Canal (East)

2012 Erie Canal (East)

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Intro Lesson: Last week we headed west along the Erie Canal to focus on EXPLORATION. This week we continue the journey in the opposite direction, with an eye toward seeing the famous Erie Canal locks in action.

Word of the Day: Clinton’s Ditch
When governor DeWitt Clinton broke ground for the construction of the Erie canal in 1817, some people though he was crazy to think that the canal could be built, and sarcastically referred to the project as “Clinton’s Ditch”. However, 8 years later, the canal was completed—”from Albany to Buffalo,” as the song goes, and ushered in an economic boom for upstate New York. See this site for more information.

Trip: ****

This trip was on June 16, 2012
Trip distance: 17.32 miles
Programming time: 3.26 hours
Participants (click for links to their photos):

Vanni Kamara
Momo Kamara


Leaders: Shawn Brown, Jayarr Steiner, Emily Lynch

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