Jewel’s Journal

Jewel’s Journal

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East River Ride
On Tuesday, July 14th 2015, we went bike riding to the Tri-borough Bridge all the way to the Queens-Borough Bridge. I think that the trip was very fun and very interesting. Also we rode 9.97 miles. Something that was really fun was learning Tae kwon do from Katelynn. Also we earned 3 badges, we earned the rain badge, the Cormorant spotting badge, and finally we earned the up hill badge. We also got a water sample from the East River we were testing the quality of the water. My favorite part of the trip was when it was not raining. My least favorite was getting all wet and riding in the rain. Also I did not like the rain because it damaged my phone because it got all wet. I learned how to use my gears. Also I used my camera to take a lot of pictures during the trip. We also went to the Green Park Garden and took a plant sample. Over all I had a lot of fun bike riding. 

Roosevelt Island Ride
On Tuesday, July 14 we went bike riding to Roosevelt Island. First, we went to Randalls Island over the Wards Island Bridge and we saw fire fighters. Then, we went over the Tri-Bourough Bridge to Queens. On the bridge it was very hard riding up the ramp which was very tiring and hard. We also had to bring our bike down the stairs where we used a bike slide. And then we stopped at the Socrates Sculpture Park for lunch. When Claire, Angelika, Katelynn, and I were having lunch we talked about what we were doing over the summer. Then, we went across the Roosevelt Island Bridge which was very scary because we were in the same area as the cars. Then, we went on the spiraling ramp. After, that we headed straight down south to the Renwick Smallpox Hospital which was very scary and broken down. Then we rode down the bike lane and back up the spiraling bridge and then we head out to the Queensboro Bridge. On the bridge Stella, Angelika, and I rode together. After we got of the bridge we rode on the street in the bike lane all the way from 59th street to 103rd street which was very fun. After we were done we went back to the school and we tested the East River Water. I think that the trip was very fun and interesting.

Bronx River Ride
On Tuesday, July 28th, we went to the Bronx, Randalls Island, Concrete Plant Park, Starlight Park, and the Bronx River Park. First, we went to the Bronx. On our way there, we saw horses and we found a plant called Staghorn Sumac, which made our water taste like lemonade. Then, we went on the Tri-Bourough Bridge to go to the Port Morris Community. When we were at Port Morris Community, we saw Rikers Island which is where the prisoners are. We also saw Laguardia Airport. There was a lot of trash that washed up on shore near where we were. Next, we went to the Bronx River where there was a park with a water fall. We had lunch in the park. I forgot to bring my lunch so I had to eat the school lunch packet. After that, we went to Starlight Park. At Starlight Park, we tasted a plant called Mugwort which tasted very bad. Afterwards, we stopped for a water break and we went to Concrete Plant Park. We saw containers that used to hold cement. Then, we had Katelynn show us some Tae Kwon Do. During Tae Kwon Do, we learned some punches, squats, and kicks. We also had to do push-ups. After that, we went back home when suddenly, my shoelaces got tangled in the pedal. We had to stop and fix it. We went back to Randalls Island where we had another water break. When we were crossing the Wards Island Bridge, Katelynn’s pedal broke and my water bottle leaked. We finally caught up to each other and headed back to the school.

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