Cyclopedia Preparations 2013

Cyclopedia Preparations 2013

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Bicycle Repairs

Today we were faced with the daunting task of fixing all of our bikes from last season! But we had awesome help, so the time flew by! Cappy’s cousin Justin (you may remember him from the East River 2012 ride) stopped by to lend a hand.

While this was our second day repairing, we didn’t get much done yesterday because we only had a hand pump to add air to the tires! Luckily today, our friends at the Stanley Isaacs Center found us an electric pump and the work went much faster. We added air to all the tires, and in the process found that one of the tubes was history. Cappy came to the rescue and fixed the wheel and we had one thing checked off of our long list!

Yesterday, Cappy and Emma were talking about how hard it is to true tires. Who knew that Justin not only was an expert truer, but actually liked it? That was a happy coincidence.

While we were hard at work, we loved getting to watch all of the fun going on at the Stanley Isaacs Community Festival! Apparently three people with ten bikes also attract a lot of attention. We did our best to drum up excitement and met some kids who (hopefully) will join our program once we begin on July 8th!

We also met a fellow bicycle lover who’s son and godson could not be dissuaded from exploring the bikes, no matter that our smallest bicycle was 3 times their size. We think that in 7 years they will make two great Cyclopedia riders!

Torin and Luz also stopped by to discuss our next phase of planning!
At the end of the day, we fixed all of the bicycles and they are ready to be ridden on July 8th! We can’t wait!

Repairmen: Cappy Collins, Justin Downs, Emma Bick

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