Clarence’s Journal

Clarence’s Journal

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2017 Journal

East River Ride 2016

These geocaches were the hardest ones on the ride. Can you figure out where is the capsule is for the first pic?

Hint: look in the lamppost.



Object lodged in the crevice

Object lodged in the crevice

While waiting for someone to catch up, Akeem, one of the staff members told us a riddle(this is how it sounds) : A farmer had 40 wolves and 38 sheep. How many didn’t

What it actually said was: A farmer had 40 wolves and 30 ate sheep. How many didn’t?


Randall’s Island Ride 2016

We tried to fry a egg with a solar oven and this is how it looked like before and after we put it inside.


We'll see how it goes

We’ll see how it goes

Nope—still raw

Nope—still raw


I held a chicken







Roosevelt Island Ride 2016


I found my first geocache








We used the tri borough bridge to get to Queens, then we took a bridge to Roosevelt Island. I found my first geocache there.


Bronx River Ride 2016

fish ladder

We went to the Bronx and we went to the Bronx River and we got to go up the fish ladder. A fish ladder is how fish go up dams.

Newtown Creek Ride 2016

We failed at getting black mayonnaise from the creek. We tried around 7 times, but we failed every time. black mayonasew


This is what we used to try to catch the black mayonnaise











When coming back, Samyra found tree sap at Hunters Point South Park

tree sap

Inwood Park Ride 2016

Everyone went to the end of Manhattan to look at where Indians lived. On the way, we made Bard Owl noises. It sounds like some one saying, “Who cooks for you”.  We searched everywhere , but it was probably stolen. in this pic, it looks like I will fall of the railing.falling






A tour guide showed us where Indians lived and what tree the Indians used to make canoes.

The whole ride, there was 6 geocaches, and we only found 1. geocache






High Bridge Ride 2016

On the way, we stop by the biking place where we buy the bikes.








Instead of the high Bridge, we went on the Washington Bridge.

We played taps, ninja, and soccer  in front of the mansion.


On the way back, we visited the Hamilton Grange. The people moved the house from the original place to the next block.


New Jersey Ride 2016

We went all the way to the George Washington bridge to the Palisades Interstates Park. We sat down to eat lunch by the Hudson River. There was a mini waterfall. When we were at the mini waterfall, there were shells and we used them as boats. on the way back, Samyra claimed to see a deer on the way back. There are so many roadkill on the way there.

Van Cortlandt Park Ride 2016

We took the same route we took to Inwood, but we went a bit longer. At the park, we went on a path that was sooooooooooooooooooo dangerous I thought I was going to fall off. We rode all the way around the park. In the park, we looked for a geocache in a little forest, but failed. We failed more times than we found geocaches. On the way to Van Courtlandt Park, we tried to look for a geocache but we couldn’t find it. I was thinking it fell in the pond

Staten Island Ride 2016

Everyone rode along the east river all the way to Battery Park. When we were at 82nd St. Then we got back on at 77th St. Finally, we got off at 59th St and rode all the way to 38th St to get back on the East River. Right next to the Williamsburg Bridge, there was a geocache under the bleachers and Kevin stole the $2 bill that I claimed. After that, we went all the way to Battery Park. Right when we got there, a ferry was there. The view of the city was amazing. When we reached the other side, there was a geocache that was under a library that Jiamei found. On it, there was last years names on it. Then we went Snug Harbor. Kevin, Alberto, and I climbed over the wall of the Secret Garden. There is a Hedge maze in the middle. Cappy got in by going through a hole in the fence. I got out using the hole. We went into a meadow top look for another geocache. It was under a bridge. There was a wrist band from last year. We got back by the west side.


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