Cicara’s Journal

Cicara’s Journal

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Cicara’s East river photos

Ride 1: East River

I learned that uptown is north and downtown is south. It was quite fun to learn new things. The tricky part is when we went up a hill and back down which I thought it was scary. Cyclopedia is very fun even though it takes time to get  used to riding for 5 hours or more.The hardest thing was to stay on the right side. Onething I was surprised at was seeing new people and nice flowers. Onething i didn’t like was the stinky smells of dogs peeing and the fuels from the cars. Its best to ride a bike because you get to enjoy that beautiful breeze.




Cicara Shaw Roosevelt Island

Ride 2: Roosevelt Island

During my ride to the Tiboro brigde felt excited at first but my knees started to hurt. I was surprised that I rode 13 miles . The Roosevelt Island brigde was very short . Queens borough bridge is so long that it makes you want to stop riding. My day was very interesting.






cicara.starlight park

Ride 3: Starlight Park

I went to starlight park and it was facinating for the first time. Going up and down the hills is the most fun thing ever.I had a great time at the park.

Many of us got tired as we rode on our way to the bridge. MY teammates tasted the mug wart leaf but I didn’t because i was feeling sick.

Instead of us going on the whitestone bridge we took the Triborough bridge which was quite fun,it was a hard ride even though people were looking at us like were did you guys come from. IT WAS SO GREAT.



Cicara Inwood park

Ride 4: Inwood Park

I went to Inwood Park and it was cool and the Eureka’s that I saw was a pumpkin house,light house,greek pavillion. They were so awsome i was very tired. I saw many things  i never seen before.

What i didn’t like was all the heat coming to my face. Now what i did like was the indian caves but they were dirty and I kind of explored the caves.





cicara’s newtown creek

Ride5: Newtown Creek

Today’s ride took us more than 11 miles. The word of the day was pollution. Because we went to the Newtown Creek waterside. There was black mayonnaise in the water. There was pollution in the water and then when we were walking we looked down and there was a blue rainbow under the Pulaski Bridge. I was so shocked that I rode in the rain, it was my first time riding in the rain. And the wind was blowing me too so as I was going down the hill the wind was blowing me as I was going downhill. Today’s ride was awesome because it didn’t take us that long even though my kneese started to hurt but I kept going.

cicaras staten island

Ride 6: Staten Island
todays ride was awesome. cyclopedia is ment to be for us kids to not just be sitting around the house doing nothing. the rides are ridiculous, its a great experience – cicara

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