Christian’s Journal

Christian’s Journal

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East River Ride

I went to the east river north first then south .we went to the triborough. We ate lunch there. We start heading to the pier. We grab some water sample for we can test it and my friends were laughing when it started raining. We went under fdr drive to do tae kwon do. i found it boring. When the rain calmed down we went back on the trail. We went though this really big puddle. My feet got wet. But it was fine. We went to the challenge. The challenge was trying to ride up a really big hill without stopping. I did not stop I did it. After that we went back to our summer camp but we tested the water at the was really bad.well I remember sebatian the crab I wondered if he was scared. We chucked him into the water that’s where his home is.

Bronx River Ride
When we got to the fish ladder, I was very interested in what it was. At that point I really got hungry. When we were done looking at the fish ladder we ate. My friends and I talked and then we got bored. So Cappy said we could go to the water park. We climbed up this ball thing and then it was time to go. In the next park, the Concrete Plant Park we did taekwondo. I didn’t really want to do it but I did it anyways After the taekwondo we tasted this plant called Mugwort. It tasted really bad. It tasted like garbage. We went straight to the school when we got there I was really tired. When we got to school it was time to leave.

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