Celine’s Journal

Celine’s Journal

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Bronx River Ride

At Randall’s Island, we tasted a plant that Cappy said would taste like lemonade and it didn’t taste like lemonade at all! To me, it was disgusting! The Triborough Bridge was hard because we had to go up the hills, and it was my first time riding really far. Downhill was a little scary because we were going so fast, and I was scarred if I used the brakes too soon I would fall over my bike! At Bronx River Park, it was fun because we got to meet the Bronx River Alliance and got to play in the water park. We saw the fish ladder at the Bronx River Park. The fish ladder is a little ladder that the fish go up to get to the fresh water where they can breed and lay their eggs. At Starlight Park, it was fun because we got to taste Mugwort, which tasted like basil- it wasn’t really that bad. At Concrete Park, it was relaxing. We took a sample of the water and it turned out to be bad water because it had E. coli! E. coli is so bad because it can make a person really sick if you drink it because it is basically the sewage. Sewage is where all our business goes! Tae Kwon Do was a little tiring but fun because we all learned a lot of things like self-defense.

Newtown Creek Ride

We went over Queens Borough Bridge, which was really hard because there was a really long hill. It was hard to stop because on the left people were going the opposite way and going down really fast. It was scary, hard, and tiring but you really couldn’t stop for that long. When we arrived at Newtown Creek, we took a sample of the water and we touched the black mayonnaise. It felt weird because it was from the bottom of the creek and it felt salty. It was wet and soggy. The word of the day was pollution. This is an example of pollution because if the water wasn’t polluted the black mayonnaise would have never been there. The black mayonnaise was there because there was an explosion of oil, which polluted the Newtown Creek, and it caused the black mayonnaise to be there at the bottom. We all had to work together to get the black mayonnaise because the first time we tried there was nothing in the anchor. We then continued and stopped at a park. Almost everyone got water and did Tae Kwon Do. In Tae Kwon Do, we learned more self-defense and we stretched out our legs and our thighs to go back to school.

Inwood Ride

Yesterday was very fun but tiring at the same time. Our water was hot and no help to my thirst at all. So there when I least expected the biggest hill I hoped was not real was in front of my face, so I lowered my gear and went of course I didn’t make it up but I made it up one way or another then their was another hill that I did make…

So we came to this park that I was happy to see because there was a good water fountain with cold water I ate a peach for lunch and went to play with Louis and Selina . When they jumped over the fence thing I was thinking they were hurt for a second but their heads peeked out and I joined them. I didn’t know how to get up for a second until Louis got out…

Finally the word I been hoping Cappy said time to head home I smiled and was the first one on line. We went down several dangerous paths that I thought I was going to faint onJ

High Bridge Ride

That day wasn’t that hot at all, I didn’t get that tired and I had cold water that was useful to me. There were hills but since I wasn’t tired I made it up all of them, and I was very proud of myself because it was really hard, and so we got to our destination that day I had my lunch with me and I ate my lunch and shared with Selina since she wouldn’t eat the school lunch and so I was being a good friend.

So we met a Native American who knew everything about his culture which was cool. But the thing that was not fun was that the dirt was squishy and so I went on top of my partner’s back which was Georgia and when she put me down I was devastated and I had to climb in SANDALSL and I was angry I was risking dying just for some good treasure we never found …

So next thing I know I have to use the bathroom and 2 minutes it ended up in a bush.

So we headed home and we didn’t find the treasure but we found a treasure (a good adventure).

Staten Island Ride

At first I didn’t feel like going because I had my new shoes on and I didn’t want them to get messed up, but I ended up going because it was going to be fun and it was☺!So I started riding and there were hills in front of me and they were very big but I made it through them and I didn’t give up like what I mostly do when I am tired . With only 15 minutes left to get to the ferry we made it just in time and came to the school sooner then if we were to miss that Ferry. So when we got off the boat we went to the secret garden and went to find the ‘’treasure’’ that was not even a real Treasure. Later we had lunch/Breakfast, and I had a lot of Orange juice . Then we went to find real treasure and since we are awesome we found it. We found a paper with writing on it and we found objects that were important to other people. We didn’t take anything out and instead we put a bracelet in it. Then we headed back home and we all came back alive thankfully☺!

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