Ashley’s journal

Ashley’s journal

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Ashley east river ride

Ride 1: East River
I learned that uptown is north and downtown is south and that new jersey is on the left side of new york and the river is on the east side of new york.

The most hardest thing was going up the hill because it was hard to pedal up but I stopped and try again and i got it.

At last i had fun when we went down the hill becasuse it went fast and i got to see our mascot which is called cormorant and it had a snakey head.




Ashley Roosevelt Island

Ride 2: Roosevelt Island

When I went over the bridges I got a little scared because there was a bridge with no gate on the side so I thought I was going to fall off.  Also on the pedestrian bridge the most fun part  was when we went down hill. I learned that marginalize means to keep away to protect someone or be safe from something.  The hardest part of my ride to Roosevelt Island is when we were going uphill all the bridges Because it was was getting tiring so I would walk my bike up some of the times and I also had fun riding in the bike lane, and while we were in Randalls/Wards Island we got to see the hospital where mental people go.


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