Angelika’s Journal

Angelika’s Journal

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East River Ride – Ride 1

On Tuesday, before we headed out we had a lesson about bicycles. We learned that bicycles has bi in it meaning two and cycles means to travel in cycles. We learned that the same amount of energy in one gallon allows humans to bike up to 1,000 miles.

We went bike riding from Tri- Borough to the Queens- Borough. We went on the 102nd bridge, biked on the Bobby Wagner Park up north, had lunch, we went back to pier CVII to get water from the East River to test the water. After that it started to rain so we started biking again and we went under FDR Bridge for shelter and learned Taekwondo from Katelynn. When the rain stopped we continued our ride towards the Queens- Borough Bridge. Katelynn got hit by a car while we rode on the street. We had to walk with our bikes for a little while. Then we went to the Green Park Gardeners NYC Native Plants Composting Stewardship Sustainability. We took some plants and leaves as samples. We even earned some badges. We earned the rain badge, the Cormorant spotting badge, and the uphill badge.

My least favorite moment is when it started to rain and we had to ride in the rain and it was hitting us every hard because we were going fast. So when we stopped riding and went under the FDR Bridge I was very cold. My favorite part was when we would stop to take pictures or even collect plants at the garden.

Roosevelt Island Ride

Angelika’s Roosevelt Island Ride 2015

On Tuesday, the 21st of July 2015 we went to Roosevelt Island. I got a terrible bike that would squeak every time I used my brakes. We had a new vocabulary word, which was marginalize. It means to be excluded socially from others. Which is what happened to many people that had disease, in prison, or were mentally ill.
We went past Randall’s Island, Roosevelt Island and we went to different places in the area. We went on the Triborough Bridge, Randall Islands Bridge, and the Queens Borough Bridge. For our lunch break we stopped at the Socrates Sculpture Park. I ate with Claire, Katelynn, and Jewel and we talked about what we were going to do when camp is finished.
We went to a 1850’s Smallpox Hospital. It was meant for patients with smallpox. It was open till 1856 and then it was closed and was left there for tourist. Tourists were allowed to go inside and look around until 2007 when it started to fall apart. There is now a gate to keep it protected.
Then we headed back home to the point where Obama visiting New York caused traffic near 68th St. We went to 103rd St and 2nd avenue to drop off the bikes. We tested the water, which we got from the East River. Then we headed back to Stanley Issacs to be dismissed.

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