Adriana’s Journal

Adriana’s Journal

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2017 Journal

Randall’s island:

The first ever trip we went to was to Randalls and wards island. once we got there, we went on a tour with a person associated with the Randalls island park alliance. we got to explore the flowers and other natural things. later that day we went to the Bronx by crossing through little hell gate and made it back in time for dismissal.

Roosevelt island:

The second trip at Cyclopedia was my favorite so far since we got to go to Roosevelt Island. There we got to see the small pox hospital that once used to be in use. There we also found a geo cash by asking a guy. While going to the end of the island, people were filming some type of commercial. Overall I felt that the trip was great and would go there some other day with my family so that they would see what I learned at cyclopedia.


The third was Newtown Creek in Brooklyn where we found black mayo. One thing that I enjoyed about this ride was that we got to ride on different types of bridges that crossed between manhattan, queens, and Brooklyn. One thing I found challenging was going up the hill but now that we have gone to different places, I have found it easier every time.

New Jersey:

on Thursday we went to the Palisades in new jersey by crossing the George Washington bridge. we ate lunch there once we arrived and then started to explore our surroundings. we were able to take pictures and take water samples as usual. there was a Geo cache to find there but we weren’t able to find it and decided to leave. there seemed to be more uphills on this trip than on any other trip which was quite tiring. overall it was a fun trip since we got to see nice views.


yesterday we to the green wood cemetery to see the exotic birds but weren’t able to see any since it was raining. it seems to rain every Monday since we go on the trips and as always we got wet. we ended up doing a Geo cache there but was unsuccessful the fist time. when we were leaving, we were able to find a Geo cache on the bench outside of the cemetery. there wasn’t much we did since it was raining and just came back to school.


On thursday, we went to corona park in flushing queens. I remember it was hot that day and once we arrived to the park we got wet at the globe since it had water. we didn’t do much though except stop at a park to eat and refill with water. there were not as many bridges and on the way back we crossed the queensboro bridge. every trip i feel that it gets easier to ride since my body starts to get use to it.


yesterday we went to van cortlandt in the bronx. we ate there once we arrived and then decided to explore further up to the woods. we ended up riding in the woods and we saw some things like the stone hedge. i climbed the

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