A.K.A. Avenue A

A.K.A. Avenue A

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Intro Lesson: Avenue A.
Did you know that Avenue A runs all the way up to the Upper East Side? Yes, really. It’s just called Sutton Place, York Ave, and Pleasant Ave. (These names sound “prettier” than Avenue A, and therefore is good for real estate!) Therefore, today’s lesson was “AKA AVE A”.

Word of the Day: cul-de-sac
(Fr cul = bottom + de = of (the) + sac = bag)

A.K.A. Avenue A: What an exciting day !! The crew headed out to check out the sites at Avenue A.  We headed south on the East River path with two of Cyclopedia’s  best riders , Jasmine aka “No Brakes Included” and Destinee aka “2 Real on 2 Wheels”.  On our way , we went passed Gracie’s Mansion, spotted Roosevelt Island, seen more cormorants, and a couple of dog parks. Once we came out of the East River path, we rode towards the dead ends along Avenue A. Here, we met up with a warthog on the 57th Street cul-de-sac. “No Brakes Included” and 2 Real on 2 Wheels” took some pretty cool pictures with him!! After that, we went to a couple more cul- de-sacs and took  pictures  of a green house, Pepsi sign in Queens, and a secret driveway. Once we were done, he headed back to the Cyclopedia headquarters to upload our pictures, blog, and discuss our trip. As Cappy’s cousin Ice Cube would say ” Today was a good day”.

This trip was on July 17, 2012
Programming time: 4 hours
Bicycling time: 2.25 hours
Distance: 5.16 miles
Participants: Destinee Moore, Jasmine Romero

Leaders: Cappy Collins, Jhevaughn Langley, Kara Metcalf, Onyx Salvador

2012 A.k.a. Avenue A

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  • Jasmine.romero

    that was one of my favorite trips

  • Calvin.debrecourt


  • Onyx1987

    Destinee and Jasmine have just received two new nickames: Jasmine Aka “No Brakes Included” , Destinee aka 2 Real on 2 Wheels. Congrats u earned it !!

  • Destinee.moore

    Ms.Kara and Mr.Cappy taught us about the french route word Cul-de-sac which also means dead end.

  • Destinee.moore

    Today was a fun and productive day. I met two dogs named Marley and Shanelle they were so adorable Shanelle was so photogenic:)

  • Jasmine.romero

    good day today I Did have problems going up hills. I loved looking at the dogs.

  • Destinee.moore

    lol omg the faces I made in the pictures were EPIC!!!

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