Josue’s Journal

Josue’s Journal

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Josue Journal

East River Ride

Ride 1

8 miles

July 7.2017


As we started going towards the East River, we went south to Carl Schurz Park where Josue (myself) found the very first geocache as it started raining cats and dogs where Alberto abandoned us to find a bathroom.Later on we rode our bikes in the rain to a playground where we got soaked rode the fantastic water slide and the first flat tire appeared with Carlos.  We started off to ride on the streets which was interesting as the trio began to form during lunch.The End


Randalls and Wards Island Ride

Ride 2

10 Miles

July 10.2017

The trio of Maria,Carmen, and I continue to grow where we saw the Rhus Juice and drank it however it was sour and bitter and with our Field Guide Rachel we saw lots of plants tried mountain mint and saw a cormorant. In addition we collected our first water sample that allowed us to see the water was infected with E Coli in addition we found our geocache where crossing the 103st Bridge was difficult.THE END

Roosevelt Island Ride

Ride 3

13 Miles

July 13.2017

It was the longest rides Ive experience we cross about 4 bridges that day such as the 103st Bridge, The TriBourgh, The QueensBourugh and THe Pulaski Bridge. There were many things that occur such as Alberto getting hit,  finding the geocache, the model shoot , the cola pepsi sign and we went up the elevator where Maria and I got lost but had a great time riding and I lead as well.THE END 

Inwood Hill Park Ride

18.5 miles


we started off riding to inwood by crossing Central Park  where the amount of steep down hills was fun and entertaining then we wnet on to keep riding all the way where we found a long steep downhill that was fun and  as we got closer to the park we had lunch that was the bestpart as we saw so many cool things such as shells and a daddy long legs on Adriana where we saw caves that had trash as well kittens and  had many things such as a cook out and a cermonay place as well a shell tree . We then found a geocache in a Eureka  place then rode the steeptest hill that was fun but we also found the light house and rode off.THE END


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