2018.07.26 Bronx River Ride

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Today, we started off the day with an activity led by Joanna about our word of the day, community. One by one, we each described a way we impact our community, such as biking to reduce fuel use, as we passed around string to create a web. This simple yet meaningful activity illustrated how we are all connected; while our actions may appear insignificant on an individual level, they add up and benefit the community.

Once we traced the route and lined up, we were off to the Bronx. We biked over the Randalls Island walking bridge and continued over the Triboro Bridge into the Bronx. At Happy Land Memorial Monument, we made a pit stop to find a geocache. This geocache was a little tricky, as it was about the size of a bullet. Good job Carlos! Afterwards, we biked past the Bronx Zoo to River Park. There, we ate lunch and met Jonah Garnicke, the Greenway Coordinator of the Bronx River Alliance. He talked to us about the exciting success stories of wildlife returning to the Bronx River, upcoming improvements, and how we could become involved in our community to voice our opinions. Jonah biked with us to Concrete Plant Park, leading us through a new shortcut.

On the way there, a staghorn beetle decided to hitchhike on Carlos’s bike tire, so we stopped to move our new friend to a safer place. Then, Cappy found our second geocache of the day, which contained an Oktoberfest Geocoin! (The purpose of the Geocoin is to reach Germany for Oktoberfest, so only Geocachers that can move the coin in the direction of Germany through secure caches should swap out the coin.) In the park, Maydelin’s bike got a flat tire. We stopped to patch up the tire, fill up our water bottles, and test out the skate ramps. A big thank you to the volunteers that gave us free lunches! We also spotted a painted turtle in the water, and Omar found a snail he named Gary. After saying goodbye to Jonah, we kept biking to Soundview Park, where we looked for another geocache. Unfortunately, we were unable to find this one, but on the bright side, a few of us also earned our mugwort badge! We found our last geocache of the day near the playground. To cap off the day, we played there until it was time to head back to school.

Can you believe Cyclopedia is half over? Here’s to all the wonderful memories we made in the first three weeks and an even better three weeks to come! Stay tuned!

Ride Statistics:

17.5 miles biked

536 calories burned biking

.39 miles walked

68 calories burned

Total Calories Burned: 604

Estimates based on 100lbs, 5′ 2″ ht, 13 yo, average between male and female.


Cyclopedia 2018 - Week 3

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