2014 Orientation Week

2014 Orientation Week

Ready to Roll?:
Our third year in East Harlem is imminent and we’ve got a lot of momentum to see us through a fantastic summer season. We moved to our summer home at M.S. 114 (while our old school undergoes some maintenance) and it’s a great fit–thanks to all the folks who’ve helped us settle in: the security, the custodians, the staff and all our volunteers!

Monday we kicked things off by recruiting in the classrooms and having all the campers fill out their pre-season stress surveys. We were pleased to see some familiar faces and lot of new riders-to-be with a lot of enthusiasm.

Tuesday we did our heights and weights and riding skills tests.

Wednesday through Friday we did our time trials and computer lab training.

In between, we managed to assemble some new bikes for the season, get some repairs done thanks to our friends at Heavy Metal bike shop, and prep the curriculum.

All the rides who did the time trial completed their first mile of the season! And we (finally) awarded the 100 mile bracelets to Estuardo and Kayelah from last season.

This trip was on July 07-11, 2014
Programming time: about 6 hours/rider
Ride time: about 30 minutes/rider
Ride Distance: 1 mile
Walk Distance: 1.159 miles
Calories Burned: ~130 Calories


Leaders: Alex, Emily Bai, Torin Barnes, Cappy Collins, Lara Crystal-Ornelas, Justin Downs, Crissy Jackson, Janet Lee, Elyse Metzler, Dani Niderman, Juleon Robinson, Itai Sengre, Jess Wygoda.

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