2013.7.27 Wall Therapy Part 2

2013.7.27 Wall Therapy Part 2

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There was so much wall art we didn’t see, we decided to dedicate another ride to it!

Our ride focused on the Wall Therapy graffiti art pieces along the El Camino Trail, Rochester’s newest addition to its urban multipurpose trail network.  El Camino literally means “The Road”, however there is a deeper meaning to Rochester’s trail, and to other trails around the world that share the moniker (El Camino de Santiago in Spain, El Camino Real de los Tejas in Northern Mexico/Southwestern US).  Although the Spanish version was developed as a pilgrimage route, and the Mexican/Texan version as an exploratory route, Rochester’s El Camino Trail was conceived as a safe urban passage and safe recreational path for local residents and travelers from near and far.

Our El Camino experience included and unexpected run-in with Jessie and Katey, 2 artists from Baltimore, Maryland who were in the midst of completing their “Magic Amazing Carpet…” (so named by Brendan Perdue) along the stretch of the El Camino trail that crosses Route 104.  And we also met Rochester City School District teacher Jennifer Jones, who was absorbing all of the positive energy and thought provoking art offered by the trail.  All-in-all a wonderful 3 hours of exploration and discovery.

This trip was on July 27, 2013

Trip distance: 10.3 miles

Riding Time:  3 hours

Participants:  Dwayne Campbell, Sam Dennis, Brendan Perdue, Dei’Jion Snowden, Kory Wyatt

Leaders:  Shawn Brown, Marcus Cooper, Marc Lavender, Krista Grande

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  • Sam.dennis

    i liked the art wall . the people were really nice. we’d had went though downtown.

  • Deijion.snowden

    go riding on some tral and to Sandra
    l did not like bran slowing us down
    I liked the art that we seen

  • Kory.wyatt

    Today bike ride was a first time experience, I enjoyed every bit of it. I saw a graffiti I never every seen in my life time. Trialing behind Lavender was a rough time catching up, but I enjoyed it.

  • Brendan.perdue

    the ride fun and stuff
    it was fun and i liked the art on the wall and stuff

  • Dwayne.campbell

    – this was my first time ever doing anything like this and i was amazed i seen artists and i also saw graffiti it was a nice work out and also a great experience my favorite part was meet the artists and meet people that follow the artists .

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