2013.8.10 Rochester Subway

2013.8.10 Rochester Subway

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Given this year’s Saturday ride theme (albeit unintentional) of exploring urban wall art, we started today’s ride with a stop at a mural that was recently painted on the side of a deserted warehouse where Flint Street meets the Genesee River Trail.  There has been a bit of local discussion/debate about the appropriateness of the mural given the fact that it was not authorized by the owner of the building on which it was painted.  Although they agreed that the lack of authorization was bothersome, Kevin, Reese and Kory also agreed that the painting enhanced what is otherwise an eyesore in the neighborhood.

From the Flint Street mural we headed north along the Genesee River to the former path of the Rochester Subway near the terminus of the Genesee River Trail at Court Street.  We then walked our bikes along the former route of the Rochester Subway (1927 – 1956) underneath Broad Street.  We then wound our way south along the Genesee River, past the Caribbean Festival, to Ford Street.  Following a jaunt through Mt. Hope Cemetery (complete with a challenging uphill climb and its associated downhill thrill ride), we headed home to the Club.

This trip was on August 10, 2013

Trip distance: 8.4 miles

Riding Time:  2.25 hours

Participants:  Kevin Dennis, Reese Westbrook, Kory Wyatt

Leaders:  Marcus Cooper, Marc Lavender

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  • Kory.wyatt

    Today was my second time going on a bike ride. It was very exciting. I like that we visited the war training camp base. I enjoyed going to see the bird mural along the buildings, too.

  • Kevin.dennis

    One thing that i liked about this ride was the bird mural . And I liked everything about the ride today. I had fun riding down hills and taking pictures of all the graffiti.

  • Reese Westbrook

    Today I learned that the murals help the city. Also, I liked going down the steep hills.

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