2012 Tryon Park Ride

2012 Tryon Park Ride

Intro Lesson:  Tryon Park is one of the hidden gyms of the Monroe County Parks system.  82 undeveloped acres sit between route 590 north and Irondequoit Bay.  Tryon Park is known for it’s technical single track mountain bike trails, as well as the natural beauty of its trails, nooks and crannies.

The park’s namesake is Judge John Tryon, a settler who, in 1797, bought 200 acres of land along Irondequoit Creek, just south and east of where Tryon Park is today.  He tried to establish a trade center at Indian Landing (where Irondequoit Creek enters Irondequoit Bay), but eventually it was overtaken by Rochesterville along the mightly Genesee River.  Native Americans travelling north from modern-day Pennsylvania used Irondequoit Creek to access Lake Ontario after travelling north along the Genesee River.  The creek allowed a means to bypass the waterfalls of the Genesee River (todays High, Middle and Lower Falls).

Word of the Day:  portage – derived from the Latin word portare (carry, bring).

This trip was on August 18, 2012
Trip distance: *** miles 
Programming time: ***

Riding Time:  ***

Leaders: Marc Lavender, Reggie Smith, Jessica Wygoda

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