2011 Lehigh Valley Trail

2011 Lehigh Valley Trail

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Intro Lesson– SeeingBefore today’s ride, we spent some time talking about different ways in which we see the world.  Specifically, we talked about using photography to document those things that we see around us and that have an impact on us.  We then pulled out our Rochester Bicycling maps and helped the kids identify the Boys and Girls Club as well as the planned route for the day.Word of the Day– photography; from the roots “photo-” meaning light, and “graph” meaning to write, thus writing with light.

As always, we started from the Club; we headed south along Genesee Street to the Genesee Valley Park.  We then took the Genesee River Trail & then the Genesee Valley Greenway further south until we joined up with Scottsville Road.  A short jaunt along Scottsville Road brought us to the Rochester Institute of Technology where we then met up with Oscar Palacio, an Assistant Professor at the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences.  Oscar then opened the doors to an exhibition of the photographic work of selected RIT students in the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences.  Our kids then took 15-20 minutes to peruse the exhibit and choose their favorite photograph, followed by a discussion of their choices facilitated by Oscar.  It was a fantastic way for the kids to gain exposure to art and to begin to think critically about it.  We then plodded back to the club by way of the Lehigh Valley and Genesee River Trails.

As usual, the kids had a great time shooting photos with our digital cameras.

This trip was on June 18, 2011
Trip distance: 11.9 miles 
Programming time: 5 hours 
Participants: Shanna Dennis, James Dorsey, Bre’asia Gibson, Robert “Nick” Heard, Momoh Kamara, Keyon McClary, Jamal McCullough, Donzai Pulley, Johnathan Shellman, Malik Sturgis
Leaders: Eric Biondi, Shawn Brown, Cappy Collins, Danielle Flanagan, Peter Hungerford, John Kennedy, Marc Lavender, Emily Lynch

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  • Johnathan.shellman

    todays ride was very fun going to the rit travel their seeing lots kind of water also looking at the trees we could of saw some animals like a baby fox or others learned about a lot

  • Keyon.mcclary

    Today I liked the trip. We went to the R.I.T. We saw some pictures that were interesting and cool. Also we met a man named Oscar.

  • Malik.sturgis

    we rode ton RIT colledge then tourist showed around the he showed us the photo room were they hang picturs on the wall we took pictures on the wall the the man ask us to pick a the best picture u like and he wanted to see why u pick the picture after that we rode went to 3 trails the we headed back to club

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