2011 Genesee Valley Park Rides – 8 to 12 year-olds

2011 Genesee Valley Park Rides – 8 to 12 year-olds

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Intro Lesson:  rules of the road and safety, riding skills, basic geography

Each week, Cyclopedia expands its reach to the younger children of the club so they can be introduced to bicycling, team building, and Rochester geography and history.

Below is a map of our “8 to 12 year-old” Genesee Valley Park ride, and links to albums from many of the rides.

Other points of interest:  Genesee Valley Waterways Center; the “big tree” now split in two after a Spring 2011 lightning strike

These trips were on:  June 28, 2011 (ALBUM); July 6, 2011 (ALBUM)

Trip distance:  3.5 miles


July 6, 2011:  Heaven Conaway (age 8), Deon Edwards (age 10), Keon Gaskin (age 11), Jalen Griffin (age 10), Jalen Hanna (age 9), Tyreese Harris (age 8), Keonte Lawhorn (age 9), Tyler Penns (age 12), Aniyah Stamps (age 9), Darrell Williams (age 10), Arthur Wilson (age 10)

June 28, 2011:


July 6, 2011:  Shawn Brown, Marc Lavender, Rodney

June 28, 2011:  Quinton Bedell, Shawn Brown

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